Without these you are slowing yourself down


Do you have the right tools for the success you desire in your business ? 

Or are you sliding all over the shop floor?

It came to me to apply this question to your business while out running a race this weekend. We were half way through a trail half marathon when the girl in front of me was complaining about the terrain. 

Sure, it was a hard going; rocky with a covering of slippery mud and some oyster shells thrown in. We were all concentrating hard to find the right mixture between speed and safe foot placement. No-one wants to slide out and land on your ass; it hurts and is embarrassing. 

Having the right running shoes makes all the difference though.

Knowing that when you put your foot down your shoe will grip, gives you so much more confidence. 

I said this to the girl complaining behind me. She promptly came back with - 'shoes make no difference what-so-ever'. I couldn't help but think how ignorant this answer was. 

Having the right tools for the job always makes it so much easier. In running races and in business. 

You see , knowing that each step you take in business is the right one to move your business forward helps you move faster and more confidently.

Sure there will be times when it is hard and you need to tread carefully. 

This is the joy of being an entrepreneur - the challenge. 

Yet arming yourself with -

  • the right CRM system, 
  • the right Facebook ads that convert, 
  • the right website design,
  • the right support and community,
  • the right coaching,
  • the right Landing Pages,
  • the right office environment,
  • the right clothes and vibe,
  • the right sleep, exercise and food,

...will give you the ability to be successful. Having the right tools will give you the ability to move over the obstacles with speed, agility and grace. 

Don't be like the girl in my race refusing to try anything new. 

be open to new ways of working, to learning from those ahead of you and alway always keep checking in that you have right tools for your success.  

To you and your success !

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