Will you have enough?


Yesterday I spoke with you about your Christmas traditions. Having that dream day with all the trimmings. 

We talked all about the perfect Christmas yet I heard from a few of you about the stresses about the holiday season.

Instead of cooking Grandparent cookies and buying gifts for loved ones there was a lot of stress coming in. 

A lot of doubt.

Will I have enough? 

How will I pay for it all? 

You might be wondering the same thing - just how will you make your dollar stretch?

The key to a stress free Christmas?


Having consistent clients leads to consistent money coming in...regardless of the season.

You may be thinking that is a fairly simple concept yet 'how do I bring in consistent clients Penny?'

I hear ya! I know how you feel.

I remember feeling exactly the same way when I gifted my mother a pair of running shoes that I had got to write about in a magazine. I cleaned the soles up and said that they didn't come in a box 😳 

I had money coming in to my business, but didn't know what next month would look like, let alone the following month.

It was a scary time. 

It wasn't until I found the key to creating a consistent flow of leads, calls booked and paying clients that I could rest easyand know that the cash flow was there - regardless of the time of the year. 

This simple and effective client acquisition system through targeted sales action brings in reoccurring 5 figure months, every month, and it's fun!

Having these systems has enabled me to plan for Christmas and enjoy treating my family...and myself! No more re-gifting and making excuses. 

I want this for you too

What would it mean to you to have consistent cash flow over the holiday season?

Be able to spoil your family?

Heck - be able to spoil yourself too?!

Even better - be able to treat your growing list of clients to gifts too?

Sounds like a plan ? 

A dream come true? Christmas in your PJ's knowing that you're rocketing in to 2018 with a calendar full of dream clients? 

Then jump on a Pre-Christmas Booster Call with me and start to implement the simple consistent client system now. 

Talk soon,


P.S. Want to take the stress out of the Festive period? Connect with me here on a Pre-Christmas Booster Call and grab the key to consistent clients.