{EXCLUSIVE VIDEO} Will my boss take me back? JLD from EoFire's take on quitting your job


Even millionaire John Lee Dumas from Entrepreneur of Fire wondered if his boss would take him back in the early days of his entrepreneurial journey.

Guess what?

You're not alone!

Becoming and being and entrepreneur is SCAREY! 


Check out JLD talking with 15 of us this week (yep totally fan boying him and Kate and still BUZZING from the experience!). He openly shared the fears of his first few months starting out EoFire here >>

In 5 short years JLD and Kate are turning over multiple 6 figure months and openly share how webinars brought their house in Puerto Rico.

What is even cooler is that they are on a 40 day trip around the world mixing holiday and business as they travel together.

I was so excited to hear from John that New Zealand was on their list and helped give them some tips for sights to see and must do cafes (I love my cafes!).

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What came through loud and clear was to stick to your gut feeling; despite being scared. 

JLD was told that a podcast a day was CRAZY. 

How would he 

  • find enough content?
  • who would listen to him everyday? 
  • he'd burn out
  • .....it would fizzle.

Yet he kept thinking 'be the change in the world you want to see' and in his gut he wanted to provide people with content to listen to every day driving to and from work. 

He could have easily listened to the nay-sayers, the 'don't do that'ers' and carried on as a commercial property investor (lucrative yet unsatisfying).

Instead JLD 

  • listened to his gut
  • hired two mentors
  • went guns blazing toward podcast heaven


JLD has 8 funnels of revenue streams, including the top Click Funnels affiliate, over 7 figures per year in revenue, a podcast community, key note speaker and over a MILLION listeners on 5 platforms. 

He also has a funny story about how Tony Robbins got on the show too. I'll tell ya that one another time.... 

The best part of meeting JLD and Kate in person was that their journey was so relatable....and so achievable...

What is it that you know inside you that you really really want to do, yet think it might be crazy?

What is in your gut that you know you should be chasing but fear is holding you back? 

Know that it is your time to shine and all you need to do is to listen to your gut, take action and go guns blazing towards your heaven.

Easy right?

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P.S. Ready to know if it's a gut feeling or fear? Or both? Click here to find out and get your path to your dreams.

P.P.S. More to come on why I knew John and Kate were coming to NZ a few months ago...you'll be the first to know !