What is Santa bringing you?


Being an only child Christmas in our house is a fairly small affair. 

I get all the presents. 

I always have. 

You see I am an only child, of an only child. 

Which meant I got whatever I wanted from Santa, regardless of my behaviour. 

What I didn't realise is that my parents went out of their way to get my the latest Wuzzel and Cabbage Patch Doll (now I am really showing my age! Do you remember those!). 

As I came down to the tree which had magically blossomed with presents under it I would squeal with joy. 


My parents and grandparents gave each other that knowing look of relief - they'd nailed another Christmas. The blonde terror was a happy kid.

We would sit around and have New Zealand roast lamb from the farm and eat scorched almonds until I thought I'd pop. 

It is a cherished memory of my childhood. 

And it got me thinking. 

What will create a special Christmas this year? 
Christmas is only 2 months away today you know! Yikes!


What will make your kids eye like sauce pans when they come down to the tree on December 25? 

What will you buy your loved one as a special treat. That thing they have always wanted yet never splashed out and brought themselves? 

What food will you make a special treat on the day, those traditional cookies or fancy turkey.

Or my favourite - french champagne.

Will you be able to relax having all the gifts, family over and the trimmings knowing that the money is coming in?


That smug feeling that you've nailed Christmas for you AND your family. 

Here's to the perfect Christmas!

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P.S. Let me know what your perfect Christmas is...I LOVE to hear everyones traditions xx

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