Can’t be arsed ‘really’ going for it?


Do you ever think ‘I’d love to do that but (insert excuse - I am too small, tired, old, broke)? Well, getting back in to running has a timely reminder that to get to the big goals it is usually fairly ugly in the begining. I was running on the Sir Edmund Hillary Trail last weekend and had every excuse under the sun. I was hot, sweaty, it was hilly, my legs were screaming and my head longed for the couch. 

You see , it has been a while (let’s be honest, about a year) since I was out on the trails running and I was suffering. Yet, I have entered a monster race at the end of March AND it is in a team, so I can’t let the other person down. 

I have to put the training in, so I can make the distance on the day. The fear of failing myself and my partner is driving me to put the miles in and ultimately have a friggin awesome day! (Reads - Giving myself the best possible chance of Success).

How many times have you set a goal that scared the life out of you? Something that has made you think ‘I have to do XYZ to make this work!’? 

Maybe you haven’t been sure how you will get to that place so you haven’t taken the risk. And now that goals gnaws away at you.

I get it. I have my unfinished book. I have my group program to write and launch. I have the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc Ultra Marathon to complete. 

And yes, I loose sleep over those un-attempted goals too. 

Then there is the failure of going for the big goal and not getting there. 

All these excuses keep you stuck and not moving forward on your true desires. Instead take action,  enter the race, hire the business coach, join the art class, start that business idea, say you I love you to that person. What ever it is that scares you (yep, those really BIG goals) and take the first step. 

Then set out a path of baby steps to reach that goal. Just like me pounding the trails of the Hillary Trail thinking my legs might drop off, I made a start on the training path. And while I might have walked like a penguin for three days after I am now feeling stronger and next weekend plan on going longer and a bit faster. 

One of my favourite sayings is - 

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. 

So find you elephant and then take one bite at a time.

You’ve got this!