Random acts of kindness are not just for Christmas time


My fiancé and I have spent two awesome days in San Francisco seeing all the sights. I think I nearly wore him out fitting everything in to a very tight schedule. In fact he was hobbling by the end of the two days; but that is another story.

While cycling over the Golden Gate Bridge and touring Alcatraz was interesting. The thing that shocked me the most about San Fran was the amount of homeless people. They were everywhere, including in the shops and cafes. 

On our way to Strava head office (it had to be done!) we stopped for a take away coffee to keep us warm.

A very smelly and incoherent man stumbled up to a patron begging for a coffee; she said no. When he asked my fiancé he gave him his and simply brought himself another one. I was brimming with pride at how giving my man was (mushy alert). 

As we walked down the street I realised just how fortunate we were and how I loved that Christmas was such a great time of selfless and giving. 

Then it hit me like the trams thundering down the road; why do we have to wait until Christmas to be giving? What can we do every day, week and month to be more giving? 

I wanted to pose this question to you while you wind down (or up if you haven't done your shopping!) to Christmas and time with your family and loved ones. What changes can you make in your personal life and business to be more giving next year? 

How can you have an abundance mindset and give freely? 

What do you need to let go of to achieve this giving abundance spirit? 

I would love to hear your ideas in a reply email.

Much love and Happy Holidays!


P.S. I had a previous client reveal to me that she had a record week - $17k in one week. Imagine what you could give back if you were making that kind of money in your biz every week?