Travelling gifts for loved ones


I have just got back from nearly three weeks away in Peru and Bolivia. The highlight was all the animals (I hugged a sloth!) and, of course Machu Picchu. I am now in the stages of unpacking bags and giving gifts to loved ones from my travels. I am a sucker for the bright colourful crafts local people make and love to bring some of their work home.

When travelling do you ever wander the shops and spot items that you would like to buy for your loved ones? 
Do you think to yourself 'you should get such-and-such something from this destination’? 
What would they like AND (more pressing) what can you afford? 

I know I do when travelling as it is the only time I slow down, relax and look through shops aimlessly. In the past I often saw things and thought ‘Mum would love that’ and then as fast as the smile appeared on my face it would disappear because I knew I couldn’t afford it. 

I remember going to Venice and seeing her gold and red Murano glass goblet set. I was so excited that they still made the set, 36 years on. I went straight inside the shop to buy the ice bucket to go with her set. I just as quickly turned and walked out when the shop assistant told me the price. Holly heck! The only thing I did do after was ring Mum and tell her to put the set on the insurance!

You see, I used to have this disappointment all the time. I used to berate myself for having such expensive taste. Yet I love to travel, having been to 55 countries now. This year alone I have been to - 

  • Taiwan
  • Singapore
  • Australia (twice)
  • Samoa
  • Peru and
  • Bolivia. 
  • London and Canada are still to come... 

I always want to buy gifts for loved ones wherever I go. 

It is only now that I have a business that supports my desires (that expensive taste) that I can buy gifts for my family without the worry of the price tag. I can wander and be inspired and keep the smile on my face when I think about how my Mum will open the present. 

It hasn’t taken me long to have this change too. It wasn’t that long ago that I was in my 9-5, counting out holiday days and pennies. I was coaching and writing on the side to make extra cash. I desperately wanted to coach full time yet was told that ‘there was no money in it’. So I stayed stuck. I knew that I was never fully dedicated to my 9-5 and always daydreamed about what life could be like. 

I am now in that daydream place and my life is better than I had hoped. I get to travel and still stayed connected with my business. I get to work with amazing people all over the world and help them realise their dreams too. I am so grateful for this wonderful life.

Best of all I get to give my Mum her birthday present today that has been crafted by Peruvian woman and hand picked by me. And because I think she will like it, not because it was in my budget.

Big hugs!