Tarantulas, pink dolphins and money talk in the Amazon.


I love travelling because of the people you meet all over the world. I love seeing how people perceive the world and broadening my horizons as I do so. Peru this week is my 54th country and it has still surprised me with it's quirks.

Yes, the Amazon Jungle was impressive with the diverse wildlife. It seemed that everything had super charged teeth or poison; or both. Even the trees were fighting for their space and survival.
What struck me the most while sitting in our mosquito netting covered dinning area was people's perceptions of money. I was casually reading Choose Yourself, Be Happy, Make Millions, Live the Dream, by James Altucher. One of the other guests saw the cover and immediate scoffed at how making millions and being happy was in the same title. 

"As if having that much money makes you happy'. Another girl pipped up saying that money was evil. Then everyone jumped in. 

One bold statement was made that happiness is increased with money until $70,000 and then after that it becomes evil. The theory was stated that up to $70,000 all your essentials were covered, after that you were being greedy. 

I hope you are reading this and can see how obscure this sounds. They were totally convinced too, goading each other on while sitting in a lodge in the Amazon being waited on and relishing in the nature. Not exactly an essential life need yet they were enjoying it.

Do you think money is evil ? 
Do you put a cap your earnings because you believe that people with money are evil? 

If you do have these money thoughts, you are not alone. 

What many don't realise or acknowledge is that having a love for money isn't filthy or greedy. Using the extra earnings you have means you can serve more people with your amazing skills in a more in depth way. The more you earn the more you can develop yourself to the in turn help others with your enhanced knowledge. 

So you see  making millions makes not only you happy but the people around you and your clients too. Sound awesome? I think so too.

Interestingly enough the most prolific girl touting that abundance was evil was also running out of money and heading back to New York to live on a friends couch as she couldn't afford an apartment. This is a total reflection of her attitude to money and mad me think of one of my favourite quotes:

What you seek is seeking you
- Rimi

If she loved and cherished abundance more she would have been able to stay on longer and see the tarantulas at night. Yep, they are big, hairy and very scary!

Much love from the jungle,