Stop staring into shop windows


This week I have been in London for the graduation from my business coaching course. It was an utterly amazing day at The Ritz. More on that next week though.

Having lived in London for nine years in the past, on one hand it feels like I have never left, yet on the other hand my life has moved forward so much since. 

A stark reminder of this hit me while I was walking through Putney Exchange, a shopping mall on the High Street where I used live. I always looked in the jewellery shop window and lusted after one particular the Tag Heuer watch.

I always said I would buy it ‘when I got my next job’, or ‘when I got my next promotion’. I left London after nine years of longing for this Tag in the window and never brought it for myself. Why was that? 

Because I didn’t make it a non-negotiable. I had it on my vision board, in my mind and yet no plan to get there. Maybe you can relate . 

Have you been wanting that trip? 
Or that gorgeous necklace? 
Have you been saying ‘one day’?

I can now say stop. Make a plan. Take control of your dreams. And know where you want to go. Once I started to do this the magic started to happen. When I was certain on what I wanted in life and then (this is the important part) made plans to get there I started to get the things I truely desired. 

My tip to you; take a big piece of paper and write down everything that you want in life. All your desires. Circle or highlight (pink is the preferable colour!) what makes you shine or feel scared of. These are the goals that will make your heart sing, be non-negotiable and keep you going. 

Now set out baby steps to get to that goal. I love the great saying my fiancé uses - ‘How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.’ What are the steps to take to get to that elephant size goal?

Now take action. Action is the key. 

Stop staring in the window wishing for the watch and get yourself what you truely desire. 

I know love wearing my watch, I even upgraded my dreams to a Rolex. I feel so silly for waiting nine years to have it though. 

Don’t wait, take action now.

You have got this!

Big hugs,