Masterminds - do you need them? Or more WHAT are they?


How amazing do you feel after spending time with your girlfriends? I know I am always full of that loved glow and smiley feeling. (And it's not the glasses of bubbles I have had that makes me feel that way!) I love the camaraderie and how problems of the world can be solved so quickly. This is just how I felt last night after jumping off a call with my awesome mastermind girls.

So why do we struggle away on our businesses on our own? Doesn't that seem crazy? I know when I started my previous businesses I worked away studiously at home. I invested in a mentor and talked to a few business minded mates about my ideas. Yet I was still 'working things out' a lot on my own.

I wondered why progress was so slow and I felt the weight of worry on my shoulders constantly. Do you feel the same ? 

It wasn't until I joined several groups of like minded women that I realised the power of collaboration. Just like the catch up with girlfriends over a wine where we gush about exciting things in our life and get advice on how to deal with the difficult situations. When we mastermind with entrepreneurial woman we get that same glow and action as we do when we spend time with girlfriends. 

So, what exactly is a mastermind? Well, it is not a coffee catch up and a gossip. Here are my tips to have an amazing mastermind group that you will get support and tangible action from -

  • It is important that you surround yourself with high vibrational women that have an abundance and collaborative mindset. 
  • Each woman wants to share and build each other up. 
  • Keep the group tight, no more than four, so you all get a chance to talk and participate.
  • Schedule a regular time that you all commit to. It can be weekly or fortnightly; regularity and commitment is the key.
  • Have an agenda that includes sharing successes, what your immediate goals are and what you need support on. 
  • Keep the personal chit chat to a minimum. Save that for the bubbles catch up!

I get an excited buzz in my stomach thinking about the time I spend with my masterminders. I am equally as excited for their success as I am for mine too. What an awesome feeling right?

So :
Who can you work with to up-level your business? 
Who will take you to the next level? 
Who can you work collaboratively with? 
Who can you be accountable with? 

Take time to answer these questions. AND then take action! 

One of my favourite quotes and is thrown around a lot of recent is -


"You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with."
― Jim Rohn

So who are in your circle of five?

Make these five people count and make sure they are supporting your dreams, both in life and your business.