Why your business needs a blog


Today I'm here to talk to you about why it's so important to have a blog on your website.


Now there have been rumors that blogs are gone, done, and so 80s. But it's really, really important that you're continuously putting fresh content on your website so that you show up higher in search engines.


It's also really important that you're putting new content onto your website so that you are seen as a thought leader, and people are aware that you know what you're talking about in your industry. It's another way of being visible and getting ahead of the competition.           


So it's really important that you keep your blog updated with fresh content. Share all about what you're doing and where you're at and how you can help people.


Your website is generally one of the first or second points of contact that someone has with you. And if it's static and hasn't been changed since the 80s, then that is going to be a real turnoff, and you will really deflect sales.


So make sure you're keeping your blog up-to-date with relevant copy—and showing off just how skilled you are. And remember you're only one sale away from the Rich and Relaxed lifestyle.

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