Why a Healthy Lifestyle is Crucial for the Rich and Relaxed Lifestyle

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What does the Rich and Relaxed lifestyle look like? Well, it’s completely up to you.

It might mean yachts; it might mean Louis Vuitton; or it might mean being able to sit down and have cuddles with your pet and your family each night. It might mean not saying, "Holy moly, where's the next client coming from,” anymore. That’s what rich and relaxed means.

I want to talk to you today about why living a healthy lifestyle is important to creating the Rich and Relaxed lifestyle.

It came to me while I was out on my walk today. It's so important to make sure that you have a healthy mind and a healthy body, because all of your energy comes from a healthy mind and a healthy body.

The only person that can make sure you have a healthy mind and healthy body is yourself. So you are responsible for your own energy sources.

To create this Rich and Relaxed lifestyle, you need to have the systems, you need to have the sales coming in, and you need to have the knowledge and the strategy.

But all of this is not gonna work if you're in a hospital bed, or suffering from some sort of chronic illness, or some sort of stress, or you're addicted to some sort of narcotics because you need a stimulant to keep you going.

I really want to encourage you all, as your first step to creating the Rich and Relaxed Lifestyle, to be healthy.

Now, "be healthy" is quite a broad sweep of the brush. Right? But in all reality, it has become so complex these last 20 years. If you think back to your grandparents, they were all fairly healthy.

What did they do? They got outside everyday and moved. They ate small portions, and they ate a variety of natural foods. Now, that is as simple as it gets.

So, get outside. Get moving every day. Eat a variety of natural foods. And have eight hours sleep a night. It's very, very simple, and that is how you can have a healthy lifestyle.

Once you have a healthy lifestyle, you are set up to be able to cope with what a business brings—the automation and all the extra money flowing to you.

I hope that today has been a very simple listen for you to take away. Remember, you're only one sale away from the Rich and Relaxed lifestyle.


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