How to Choose Your Brand Color Scheme

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Today I'm here to talk to you about how to pick your brand colors—something that most of my clients try to spend a lot of time on.

I don't let them, though.

Because, you know what, at the end of the day, the brand colors are generally in your wardrobe. You're creating a personal brand. It's super important to choose colors that you love!

If you choose colors that you love, then you're going to feel so inspired every day to be in your business.

Obviously, we want harmonious colors, but I'm sure that your favorite colors don't make you look horrendous; they make you look lovely. So, if those are your favorite colors, then go for it.

I have friend who always wears black and has black hair. Her brand colors are simply black and white, so it was really simple for her to always be on brand.

Mine are hot pink, because my wardrobe is predominantly hot pink. It made it really easy for me to have all of my photos done and to stay on brand all the time.

I have other friends who like pastels, and I have other friends who like bright. So, make sure that you choose something that you enjoy.

This is your business; you get to be the boss.

If you have any doubts, make sure that you always have one color that really pops, one color that is more subdued, and one that is a bit neutral. It really is as simple as that to choose your brand colors.

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