Four Levels of Responsibility


Today I want to have a little bit of a rant, because I want to ask you:

Are you sitting in a victim mindset and blaming everyone else, or are you taking control of your life?

So there are four levels of responsibility. Number one is being a victim, and that's the lowest level of responsibility, right up to number four, when you realize you create your reality, and that is both now and in the past.

Now, a lot of people I see, when they create a business, they think, "Oh, it's going to be amazing." They don't take the time to do the mindset work, and then they fall into, "Well, I bought this course, so surely it should work."

That's a real victim mentality.

"Oh, it will never work for me." "Oh, it didn't work for me." "Oh, I've tried this before." "Oh, it's not going to happen." And all of a sudden it's everyone else's fault why their business hasn't taken off, and not their own.

I'm here to tell you to get your butt out of victimhood, if that's you, and step into taking responsibility.

What is it that you can do today to be responsible? Is it really fair to say that a program that you took didn't work for you? Did you really do all the steps? Did you really do everything that you possibly could? Have you even finished it?

Only 4% of people finish courses, and I'm sure if you're really honest with yourself and sit in a place of responsibility, there are some things that you could have done better. Once you accept that, you are starting to move up the level of responsibility.

You know what? It's so empowering and freeing to know that you are responsible for your own reality, and it's only up to you to make that better or worse.

It's up to you to decide, and if you need help in moving into more responsibility, and understanding the mindset behind that, then pop us a line at We're here to help you, because that's how we start to create women's Rich and Relaxed lifestyles.


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