What supermodel Rachel Hunter said to me this week


"How much are we rushing through life to go to bed?"

Rachel Hunter - easily New Zealand's most beautiful export.

Discovered at age 17 running along the beach next to mine (might put mascara on next run!) she has been an international supermodel and actress for over 30 years.

Ex husband - Rod Stewart.

2 kids

Mo Money, Mo Looks, Mo Career.

You'd think she has it all right? 
...it's Ok to mutter lucky b....h
So I was surprised to hear her insecurities in an intimate evening this week.

Her not feeling liked, who was she to put any work out there, what would people think of her and how can she change careers to be more in line with who she really felt she was!


Yep - she is human!

Her message - stop rushing to fill life with life. Fill life with memories and experiences by being your true self. Surround yourself with people who love you. 

Thank you for being in my community , you are loved. 💕

Yet HOW do you stop the hustle? 

By stepping fully IN TO YOU; and not where you want go/be/do. Don't be what you're not; but step into this woman that you know deep down you are. Here you'll find calm. 

Easy for Rachel to say right? She has all the doors wide open for her...being a supermodel and all. 

But what she really meant, and you can too , is to be bold. Stop suppressing that urge inside of you...

If it is to -

  • Start a business with your talents and value yourself,
  • Grow your business in to areas you're unsure of like online,
  • Do a course that takes you further in your life,
  • Create more freedom in your day,
  • Go to yoga like you keep saying you will,
  • Eat organic and stop just talking about it,
  • Post that blog you'd love to but might offend,
  • Travel to the weird destination that everyone thinks your mad for doing,
  • Take the leap and invest in yourself. 

What is it that you need to do to be able to step fully in to YOU.

Or even a baby step forward to being more the powerful woman you know you are?

I believe in you xx

Big love,


P.S. Are you rushing to read this to get to the next thing, to the next thing to then flop in to bed tonight exhausted? 
Best to start thinking about how to become more Rich and Relaxed lovely!

P.P.S. Find out next week why Rachel is giving me such a big hug here too...