Do you stand out of the millions?


From a collection of 11.5 million images the National Geographic picked the top 50 photographs of all time. 

There are 16 million registered businesses in the US alone. Only 100,000 of them make more than $10 million a year. 

So why did visiting the National Geographic exhibition over Easter spark this thought? 

All images where mind blowing, captivating and balanced to perfection.

And they all had a story...

It went something like this...

"I was out in (insert dangerous location that is super hard to get to) when I was trying to capture images of (insert hard to photograph subject) when I was about to give up, pack it in for the day and just make do with what I had shot." 

"I then turned around and saw (insert amazing image) and started shooting candidly! I followed them and just went for it! And there it was - the perfect image."

In the entrepreneurial world this is called the 'overnight success'. 

When in reality these internationally acclaimed FAMOUS photographers where about to quit, about to throw it in and make do. They took one last photo and hit the jackpot.

In the entrepreneurial world this is called grit, belief and determination. 

Think to a time when you have wanted to quit, gave it one last shot and then 'whola!' it happened. 

You got that client.

Your landing page converted above 20%

Your Facebook ad was approved...and converted!

Someone finally watched your Facebook Live 😉


And it wasn't an over night success. It looks like that to the outside world...but you know that you've put the effort in and it all just works now. 

What a wonderful feeling ah ?

Just like the 50 images out of 11.5million - you too can be the one that stands out from the 16 million registered businesses and be the 'overnight success'.

I believe in you. 

Big love,


P.S. If you're still waiting for the 'whola!' moment then keep being consistent and persistent. 
These ladies have for the past 50 days and on their way to $3k! You can too