Secrets of 7 figure coaches


Wow - I am back on turbo charge!

I have spent the weekend in Santa Barbara, California on my Mastermind retreat with with 13 other 6 figure biz-babe coaches, our mentors and three fantastic 7 figure biz owners.

Besides the glasses of Moet in gorgeous California sun (is the sun bigger there or what? I digress...) we got down and gritty with how to take our businesses and ourselves to the next level. 

Part of the process was defining where we wanted to go and what life we wanted to create. Mine was easy - Rich and Relaxed. I love showing my clients how to make money so that they can have the freedom to have epic adventures, hang with friends and travel to new places. More on this soon though...

What struck me the most about the 7 figure special guests was their ability to have faith in the bigger picture. 

Sarah Kaler, CEO of Soul Powered empowered us to grow our team and how to hire with purpose. It all comes down to having a vision for your company. In other words, loosing the small mind syndrome and knowing that to grow you need to outsource. How, what and where is a skill, yet essentially you make 30-70% of the investment in returns when creating a team. 

She should know. She brought Lululemon to the States, creating a $300 million dollar business. Oh, and she was in her twenties. Yep, she's a high-roller-hustler alright!

Marla Mattenson is a relationship and intimacy expert speaker. Marla specializes in working with couples and is a cool $120k to work with her. Yep, she's the real deal. 

She has a referral based business and is a spiritual turbo charged diva. I loved her instantly! And it wasn't just because she had some great bedroom games (email me if you want more details!), it was more that she was right on the button that harmony in your biz comes hand in hand with harmony in your relationships. 

I know this. When it is tough at home, and let's face it  it wasn't the easiest time around my recent wedding, your business suffers. 

To be plain, the weeks around my wedding was the hardest time of my life. And my business suffered. Not instantly; 30-60 days later. It was apparent that I had lost consistency in my biz, resulting in loss of consistency in my sales. 

Marla's advice - communicate with praise first and then a very specific request. Men want directions. All they want to do is please. So make it easy for them and be specific. 

Trouble is that means you need to know what you want. Do you?

Surprised? Not the tactical plan that you thought to get to 7 figures? Same! 

What I learnt heavily is that growing your business all comes down to your faith in the Universe that what you have to offer the world is unique and needed. 

And guess what? It is.

You're a lot greater and sort after than you thought. 

Trust me!


P.S. Interested in becoming Rich and Relaxed? Ready to create the time freedom so you can do cool shit (defined by yourself) and relieve the money pressure? Well, look out ...