Success looks like...


After completing the Half Marathon in the World Masters Games this weekend it made me really think about what success looks like. Too often people will ask 'what time did you do?' and take that as a measure of your success on the day. Or, my Mum's favourite, 'did you win?'.  

A poor time or a low place is instantly seen as a lack of success. Yet, sometimes completing and just having fun is what I see as a success. 

It made me think about business and what success looks like to you . 
- Is it making 5 (or 6!) figure months? 
- Is it spending more time with your family?
- Is it having holidays when you want? This is one of my favs...can you tell?!
- Is it having Friday afternoons off? 
- Or maybe sleeping in Monday mornings while everyone else is in traffic? I particularly like this one and feel rather smug not sitting in traffic everyday. Boom!

Whatever success looks like to you it is essential to be true to yourself and go for that. And be proud. That is the essential part - be proud!

I love the fact that I have travelled to 57 countries and am heading off to LA tomorrow and working all the way. This is my success. And for my best friend her success is seeing her children get in to rep rugby team.

So you see success is determined by what is in your heart. Not what others tell you.

I'd love to hear what success is to you. So hit reply and let me know!


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