Why surprises are a good thing


This weekend I was going through our wedding photos and sending some off to our guests to say thank you. It got me thinking about how grateful I am that I love sales. 

How lucky I was to head down the sales path and not become an air pollution specialist as my Masters in Science would have me do. I also realised that I was grateful for the down sides of my up bringing. 

My father was a helicopter pilot and a prize A-hole. There is no sugar coating that bad boy. I still have the love of being in the air though. So much so that the morning of my wedding last month I got a download while out running on the beach. 

It came to me that I wanted to surprise my new husband to a helicopter ride over the coast and land at our reception...in total James Bond style. Within 45 minutes I had air traffic clearance, council permission AND paid the 4 figures to make it happen. 

This example of indulgence is not to show off, but to show you what is possible when you have consistent sales coming in. 

No more worrying 'should I buy this?' or 'can I afford it'. 

Sales, and being awesome at it, gives you the freedom to have life's luxuries. You decide time or money or both!

I am so passionate about money and having it so I can do what my heart desires in life. And it all steams from my A-hole father. 

Money has been on my mind since I was 5-years old. Most children don’t have to think about it, but I was forced to. I remember hiding in the bathroom as our house was repossessed because my father had spent every cent we had, and a lot of other peoples too! I remember someone was banging on the door and after that everything changed. 

From that moment on, I realized a few things about money: I never wanted to be in this place again, I wanted to make my own money, I wanted to be able to live the life that I wanted, and I wasn’t going to repeat my family patterns. 

So , now I am turbo charged to live life on my terms and help all other action taking woman to do the same through consistent and easy sales. 

Let’s rock this world together!