TedTalk - not mine…


This weekend a college of mine was called up to do a TedTalk. It was totally out of the blue; she only had 2 days notice to pull together a 17 minute talk.

Obviously she was elated yet panicked. She was also a key note speaker the same evening in a totally different town. 

While everyone rushed around her to help with logistics and ideas for content I sat back in shock. Itshould come as no surprise to anyone that doing a TedTalk is high on my dreams and desires. Like right up there! It is plastered all through my diary and in my vision book. I even have the book on how to deliver a TedTalk. 

I couldn’t help but be super envious. 

And while I teetered on the fine line of ‘why not me, it’s not fair, when will I get that opportunity’. I managed to use her opportunity as a driver for me to really see and feel my goal. I knew from my own green monster within that a TedTalk wasn’t just something I thought was cool and I should do, it was (and still is) something I really want to do. 

Maybe you have had the same feelings when you see others get the guest speaker requests. 
Or the post about having 10,000 Likes on their page. 
Or having a 5 figure month. 

It can suck right?

Downright suck.

But I am here to tell you that it need not be like that. You can use the lump in your gut to be your driver to know two things. One. You really DO want this goal, it is real and so keep taking daily action to get to it. And, two, use this new found sureness to take action. How can you be taking one step closer each day? 

I’ll tell you what I am going to do - read that TedTalk book on my shelf first and then write up at least three different topics I want to talk about. 

I am also going to pick her brains on what I need to know going on the TedTalk stage and I am going to buy my outfit in anticipation! Boom! 

It is all about the thought you put out to the Universe and the action you take. 

You’ve got this (so do I!).