The reality of a $10k month


You may not know this but I speak with a lot of woman that desperately want five figure months yet can't actually SEE how to get there.

They are trying loads of action
- an email here
- a facebook post there
- mantra'ing up a manifesting storm


Heck I even know a woman (very well) who has a THRIVING Facebook Group and is still hearing crickets....

It got me thinking


In helping hundreds of female entrepreneurs , I've realised that it's not through lack of dedicated action or that their services aren't transformational. Here's what is really going on....

The 3 Reasons Why Female Entrepreneurs Aren't Hitting 5 Figure Months On Repeat.

💎 1. CLARITY - the offer isn't clear in their minds. They're not thinking big enough and how to have that transformation for the client. Their offer is based on dollars for hours instead of serving the client in a BIG way. 

💪 2. CONFIDENCE - they are literally shitting themselves about saying any figure greater than what their mind can stretch to. Self worth is low. They know they need to get something out there yet are afraid of getting on a call with someone, let alone sounding pushy! 

👭 3. CLIENTS - they haven't worked with that many clients in the past and suffer with imposter syndrome 'why would anyone pay that for me', 'who am I to charge that' or 'I can't guarantee any results'. 

I get it. 

I started a business (several actually) and know what it feels like to be swimming in ideas with no structure.

A whole lotta half dug holes .... and no way to join them up. 

What program to go with first? 

How much can I charge without scaring people off?

How do I know I am worth that?


YEP - I have been there and so have my clients.

Here are a few of my previous clients success - 

👭 F - wanted to help people online with her fashion styling yet didn't know how to step out of face to face consulting. We crafted a package together that she now sells passively ... while she sleeps.

👭 P - getting super clear on who she wanted to work with, removing the programs that didn't serve her and her clients. She just had the biggest month in her company ... EVER!

👭 S - spent a tonne of time in Limbo-Land (like years!) and was still no clearer on her offering. She wasn't getting any yes's. We created a program that is centered around the client and their transformation. She feels aligned and confident. Best part - she only needs to sell 3 instead of the 30 spots on her previous program to make the same amount. #lesswork #richandrelaxed

It wasn't until these clients got Clarity on their offer and Confidently put it to the world did they attract dream Clients that say YES! Sign me up NOW! 

And you can too . 

Use these 3 tips
and get your offer out to the world giving you the freedom to have a financially stress free Christmas. 🎄 🎁

And even buy yourself that swanky necklace you've had your eye on all year! 


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