NEW: Grow your list while you sleep


We all love sleep right?

You can drift off and switch off.

mmm bliss.

And if you stay asleep all night you wake up with that crease in your face, sleepy crust in your eyes, do a BIIIGGGG stretch and then



It's full gas and you're away. 

Do This

Do That

Grow this

Build that

Create more

Until you flop back in to bed again and night

.... and slowly drift off...

Wouldn't it be nice to know that while you're sleeping your list is still growing and people are still buying from you?

The wheels of your business are still spinning away while your head is floating in la-la land?

Yep - thought so!

GOOD NEWS! Here are the top ways to grow your list while you're snoozing away.....

The Top 5 Ways to Grow Your List While You Sleep...

1. Guest Blog - write a feature or blog for someone else. Show off your talents and knowledge by writing an engaging post.

2. Summits - jump on a summit and be featured as a special guest expert along with 20 other like minded entrepreneurs. 

3. Paid advertising - Facebook, Google Ads or Instagram are the top 3 sites to push traffic to your list 24/7 on repeat. 

4. Networking events - mingle, hand out your cards and collect others to add to your list...with their permission of course.

5. Podcasts - be interviewed on a podcast and get heard by the masses as the expert in your field. 112 million American's listen to podcasts, on average 5 shows a week! 

You might be feeling like I was the first time I approached media though....


But what I found that was once I got started it was easy, and FUN. 

And quick - I soon had features, then front covers (5 in fact), then interviews.

Click here to find out how. 

Nighty Night xx

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P.S. Want to grow your list while you sleep? Tomorrow I'll reveal all on how to get yourself out to the masses - stayed tuned!