Whoop - I was asked to be a guest on The Amazing Women of Influence Summit

Isn't it all our dream to know just how those select few woman get to the top of the online world? 

What if you could learn first-hand from some of those top women entrepreneurs?


Imagine if you could get top secrets to success and visibility from women who have built six figure and multi-million dollar businesses doing what they love.


I've got some funky news for you…YOU CAN!



Huge ah-ha's and ground breaking steps are revealed in the interviews of The Amazing Women of Influence Summit.


Serena Carcasole, has put together a FREE online summit to inspire women globally. 

And (whoop whoop) she's asked me to join her as one of the amazing women of influence! (blushing...)


During this transformational summit, Serena will be interviewing leading women entrepreneurs who have gained incredible success, both in their businesses and in their personal lives. Getting that Rich and Relaxed right?

These experts will reveal their hottest tips while sharing stories of struggle, growth, and triumph. (Plus, dozens of FREE GIFTS)


If you're feeling discouraged or overwhelmed by the challenges of running your own personal business, this summit may be just what you need. Plug them in to your ears - be refreshed and recharged with their stories.


While the event is primarily about entrepreneurship, Serena has speakers discussing how to be a successful woman in all areas of your life, including your relationshipshealth, and personal well-being.


Some of the topics are:


  • Visibility
  • List Building
  • High End programs
  • Speaking and Podcasting
  • Facebook Ads and Facebook Live
  • Mindset
  • And much more!
  • Magical SALES *that's me!

Join me for…


The Amazing Women of Influence Summit


Starting October 16, 2017 (10 Day Summit)


Register here and get sent each episode >>


Be inspired for the last few months of the year!

Rock on


P.S. Serena has brought together a team of AMAZING successful women who are rocking the online world, and I'm SO proud she has asked ME to be one of them! Register NOW to join us, beginning October 16. You'll get access to dozens of AMAZING FREE GIFTS including a FREE Gift from me! moah xx

P.P.S. The #GSDW Challenge is over and the winners were revealed. It was rockin' and over 50 woman are now ending their year on a high hitting their financial goals. Watch out tomorrow to see just how they're doing it.....