Set Goals for Your Business in 3 Steps You'll Remember

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Today we're talking about how you need to set goals for yourself. These goals need to be tangible and achievable, but also get you a bit squirmy and thinking, "Oh, I'm not quite sure if I can make it.”


That’s where the stretch happens. And the stretch is where the magic happens.


There is a balance between setting goals that are crazy, and get your subconscious mind going, "We're never going to get there," and setting goals that are way too easy. You want goals in between crazy and unmotivating.


You want the ones in the middle that are like, "Hmm, I think I could do that, but that's little bit of a stretch." Right? That is where you want to set your goals.


Now the second reason why you want to set goals is because you want them to keep driving you each day and to eventually feel achievement when you hit them.


Achievement creates motivation. It creates excitement, which creates motivation, which creates a flywheel effect of you moving forward in your business.


So for number one, we've got set a stretch goal. Number two, we've got the motivation to keep your business moving forward.


Number three is about setting goals that you can measure. Now these are really important, because otherwise you're always going to feel like you're in never-never land.


Make sure each goal has some type of achievement or some marker that you can say, "I have made it or I haven't made it.” And keep checking back in with your progress.


I certainly don't want your goals written down in a book and kept hidden away. Put them on your wall so that you can revisit them every single day.

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