Why You Need to Celebrate Your Wins?

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Today I’m talking to you about something that's very dear to my heart, and that's about celebrating your wins, because so many people just don’t celebrate their wins.


They go, "Oh yeah, that was pretty good." Onto the next thing! And, you know what, in the lure of attraction all that's telling the universe is, "Thanks, but I want to do the next thing."


So to create more wins in your life you need to celebrate more, and I mean really celebrate like "Woo hoo," big ups all the time and not just when you get to a thousand people on your Facebook page, or a thousand people in your Facebook group, or a thousand people on your list, or $1,000 in your account, or a thousand clients through your doors.


I want you to celebrate every little win. Everyday there is a win, and the more you celebrate the more will come to you.


Then it becomes a repetitive thing, and the lure of attraction will show you that you get more and more wins the more you celebrate.


You can celebrate by just doing a fist pump and a bit of a dance around your office, or you can go the full hog and open a bottle of champagne, or you can paint your toenails, or you can go for a walk, or you can have a cup of tea, or call a friend—whatever you choose—but make sure you celebrate.


Say to yourself, "I’m awesome," and do it along the way, because once you get to the big celebration it's going to feel quite measly to have a glass of wine or bubbles when you've reached the end of this massive project.


Make sure you celebrate all your wins along the way and you will find more wins come to you because of it. I hope that helps you create your Rich and Relaxed lifestyle.

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