Get the Help You Need in Your Business

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Getting the help you need in your business seems obvious, right? 

I want to tell you a little story. When I first started out in triathlon, I decided that I'd go for the biggest goal, the Ironman. 

I gave up a lot of my free time into this Ironman sport. If you're unaware of what an Ironman is, it's a 2.3 mile swim (3.8 kilometers), a 112 mile bike (180 kilometers), and then a marathon, which is 26.2 miles (42 kilometers).

When I first started out in this, I absolutely knew that I had to get my head in the right game, so I got myself a sports psychologist. I also knew that my body was the thing that would support my brain to get to the finish line, so I got myself a nutritionist, and I got myself a coach. 

Then, as I went on, I want to show you all of the books that I have read and purchased in getting myself to the finish line of 18 Ironmans, including the world champs in Hawaii. When I first started, I had never even run a marathon. I used to hide during cross country, so there was no way that I am a natural athlete at all. What I'm here to show you with this story is that if I hadn't have got all this help and all of this research and all of this support, I never would've made it to the first of those Ironman finish lines and then created a whole lifestyle around it that I just absolutely loved and gave so much of my life to.

When I moved into business myself, I did the same thing. Obviously, I bought lots of books, but I also decided that I would just download everything free off the internet that I possibly could get my hands on and I could bolt it all together. I even have a shotty Excel spreadsheet of someone else's group program on how to build a business and where I was going to find those things on the internet, all of the modules that were in there and how I was going to find those on the internet myself. After a long time of searching around and just completely digging lots of holes in all these different areas, I sat down and I got quiet and I thought how did I get to the Ironman world champs and complete 89 minutes?

I would never, ever, ever have comprehended to be able to get to that finish line without having the sports psychologist and nutritionist, the coach and the people around me, a new group of friends to support this new hobby. Why was I thinking that I could start a business, which paid for all my books, my Ironman trophy, and my livelihood without having that support. It was when that hit me that I realized I absolutely had to stop bootstrapping it myself and get the help. I had to absolutely get someone who was steps ahead of me to be able to show me how to take all these half dug holes and put them in a sequential line so that I could actually bring the sales and the clients into my world, into my business, into my community and have that greater impact on the world that I just knew I needed to do.

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