I have a secret...


I have a big secret that I have kept from you...

I'm going to reveal all tomorrow....

To be honest, I'm a bit scared to tell you...

While I bite a bit of my nail off deciding how to put it to you tomorrow I procrastinated and started to look at booking my Mum in to a spa for Mother's Day this Sunday.

It got me thinking about how my Mum has influenced my life, both directly and indirectly.

Can you relate?

You see I always saw my Mum as a stay-at-home-farming-mum. She was always there when I got the bus home from school. Yet never in the house as she was always outside with an animal or a plant; farming. 

I always thought she never had a job.

It wasn't until recently I realised she has the best 'job' in the world for her! 

  • She set's her own schedule.
  • She has got to be there for me growing up, every single day.
  • Everyday she works on her craft; testing, perfecting and being creative.
  • She's had some hard days when animals have died and some glorious days when they have given brith and multiplied her business.
  • She has the freedom to go to the shops when she wantsand has NO idea about rush-hour traffic or the term 'being late for work'.
  • If it rains she doesn't 'work', if she's sick she sleeps in and gets better.
  • Lunch is when she's hungry, not at a set time; and always home made.
  • And all her profit is HERS. She decides to re-invest in more animals or plants, or buy herself a new car.


How cool is that?

Want a life like that?


And when you ask her 'how's work' she promptly replies - 'I wouldn't know, I've never worked a day in my life!'.

You see, my mother is an entrepreneur through and through.

And once I could see that I was so inspired to be just like my Mum!

Can you honestly say 'I've never worked a day in my life!'?

How amazing would that be? 

I am here to say it can be your reality too. 

Do you think you can? 

I believe in you!

I can show you how...stay tuned....

Big love, 

Penny sign off.png

P.S. Still wondering how to tell you this big secret tomorrow... stay tuned and keep an eye on your inbox....

P.P.S. Meet Leanne -  She's a mum too creating a lifestyle where she can be with her kids, work her own hours and overcome the tech demon in her - have a listen below...