Hot cross bun crumbs and empty laundry baskets


Even now I have got up and gone and toasted a hot cross bun in avoidance of writing this email. 

Nom nom nom... 

Hot cross bun is gone and I am left with …. resistance

You know you need to take the first step right?

You need to get visible.

You want to help so many people.

You want a life on your own terms.

Only you can get yourself out there.

Your dreams, goals and vision rely on you.

Ultimately your success is your own. You are responsible for you own success. 

So, why have I not been in your inbox last week and sitting here with the tidiest house you could imagine, hot cross bun crumbs on my desk and a very neat, tidy and long To Do List?

It comes down to fear. 

Not the desire to win the best wife award; trust me, I am not winning there! 

According to my High Performance Coach James Williams there are three states of fear after life threatening, lion chasing you fear. 

First, we fear loss pain – that by changing or advancing in our lives we will lose something important to us. Second, we fear process pain – that the mere act or process of changing will be too hard for us. Third, we fear outcome pain – that all the effort we put into changing may not lead to a better outcome in our lives, that the “grass might not be greener.” 

These fears always try to trip us up and stop us from making progress. 

So, how do you move past one of these three fears? Or maybe you have them all. I know I have the past two weeks. 

Well, it is pretty simple. By taking actionable baby steps. 

Mine was to write something, anything, to reach out to you, show I cared and wanted to help you. 

And now look? I have made it! We are at the end of this weeks newsletter and I have helped you to make progress towards your goals, dreams and desires too.

After all , it’s time to Live the Life you Love!

Penny sign off no padding.png

P.S. I am now Mrs Elliott. So if you are confused with who is commenting in the Sales Superhero Entrepreneur group you know it is me. Not in there? Join here and gain some money making sales tips.

P.S.S. Here is a sneak at the wedding. I only have a few pics until we get the professional ones.