Goal for the rest of the year.


It's not too late to salvage your goals of 2018!

Remember back to January 1, 2018. ...

You were full of gusto and motivation to make 2018 YOUR year.

You might have written out goals, or planed out the year based on launches, products, number of clients, revenue generated and vowed not to do what didn't serve you in 2017.

I know I did.

I love to plan and have diaries and planners on the wall and hit BIG goals.

So finding out I was pregnant on Jan 3 really blew up my business planner, my training diary, my race calendar AND my earning projections.

Maybe you've had some life circumstances thrown at you this year that have take you off track a bit too.

You know what though?

It's not too late to get back on track for the last 3 months of the year and knock your goals out of the park!

It's time to not be ashamed of the goals that you wrote down and haven't hit yet.

It's time to stop seeing other achieve what you want.

I know there are lurkers in my community that are seeing ladies hitting $3k in 60 Days and more, or $30k months in Get Momentum Mastermind and have been watching for a year or more and there is nothing worse than seeing someone else living the life you want or dreamed for yourself.

So it's time to get the goal-train back on track!

There is still time to turn this year around.

Use this 3 step process to get your butt back in action TODAY!

1. Redeclare your goals and WHY you want that goal. Be clear and have strong connection to WHY you want to achieve this goal. Anchor this goal to a strong reason to your why and motivation. This will keep you on track you through the up's and downs so you achieve the goal.

2. Don't move the goal post, do change the way you approach the goal. It is tempting to change the income goal as you haven't hit what you wanted so far.

Say you wanted to hit a million dollars a year this year and you have been offering a million people a $1 item. You haven't sold anything to date. Don't change the goal, change the approach - choose a different way to get to the million dollars. Get the help and strategy you need to get to your goal. Pick someone who has paved the way for you and get a new approach to your goals.

3. Hitting goals is simple in business - BUT do you have a system that creates your Rich and Relaxed Lifestyle? It is easy when you're - constantly attracting clients, charging the right prices that create value and have amazing delivery that gets clients results. This gives you the profit and business growth to give you more free time to enjoy life (and hit your non business goals!).

If you're not hitting these goals now then you owe it to yourself, your family AND your future clients to change your strategy so you can have the greater impact in the world you know you were put on the planet to do.

These people are out there searching for you can't find you. But they can't find you if your business, sales and marketing isn't dialled in then they can't find you.

It's not about abandoning your goals, it's about finding a new path to hit those goals.

There are only 9 Saturdays to Christmas. How are you going to get back on track and the right strategy? Let me know in an email back.

Big love,

Invest in yourself first


This makes me really sad and then a bit mad; if I am honest with you .

I have seen an influx of woman with amazing business ideas that are stone broke they can't invest in the right processes or mentorship.


Because they are on the content wagon.

Ever said to yourself - once I create this next course or product and sell some people in to it I will then be able to afford to work with XYZ or buy ABC for my business?

Yep. . . .

I am going to call us all on the BS line.

What you're effectively saying is that you'll go to University to get the degree once you've got the job you want. See how backwards that is? You could never be a doctor or an accountant without having done the degree first.

I went to uni for 5 years to get my Masters in Science. And racked up a significant student loan too. Yet, that is normal and expected path to getting in to the corporate world right?

However when it comes to the entrepreneurial journey I see time and time again woman creating more and more content in hope that one might land and they will make enough to then 'enrol in the degree'.

And this makes me sad....

Because over 90% of businesses never make it past the first year in business.

They fail.

They spend all their savings, pour copious amounts of hours in and end up back at a j-o-b. Deflated and despondent.

If this is where you're at , or you've been close, then I feel for you. I have been there. A failed group program launch, bills coming out my eye-balls and about to start to create another course...

It wasn't until I realised I was in the constant 'create' mode and took different actions step did my business and group programs turn around.

I don't want you to be stuck too. i am going to share with you The Seven Steps to Creating Saleable Content

Here is my fool-proof-way to create content that WILL sell and bring in the cash flow you need to keep growing your business.

1. Invest in yourself and your business first, even if you don't have the cash right now. Leverage your credit, borrow from family, have a big eBay sale in your house. Because when you have the right mentor and the path already paved for you, then you can't go wrong. You accelerate your success and minimise the time spent getting it wrong.

2. Understand your ideal client and where they are at right now. This is very different to where you think they should be! Remember back to when you first started and had your break through - this is where they are at now.

3. Gauge interest and if this product or service has an interest in the market.

4. Do a test run/pilot study or a few clients for free.

5. Use these clients as testimonials to prove your system is the business.

6. Sell some places


Make sense ?

Hope so and you'll stop the content creation wagon :)

Big love,

Geese and Business


As the season changes you can see the migration of animals and in particular birds.

As this natural migration occurs you too move in to the last quarter of the year. It's time to look at your goals and see what you need to place attention to in order to get you there. What is it that you need to get you to the goals you set in January this year?

Taking a lesson from Nature and her years of experience - Geese make the changes every year to a more fruitful location to achieve their goals.

🐦 Geese fly in a formation.

The flap of their wings gives the birds that follow as easier flight. By flying in this V formation the whole flock has a 71% greater flying range.

Business lesson - Surround yourself with people who have carved the path for you and support you because you'll get there faster and quicker.

🐦 Geese fall out of the formation.

They suddenly feel how hard it is to fly alone and scoot to the back of the formation to take advantage of the uplifting power of the birds in front.

Business lesson - It is hard doing business on your own. Stay in formation with those who are heading where you want to go. Don't be afraid to get help to keep moving forward.

🐦 Geese honk in formation

To keep up momentum and speed geese honk to each other for encouragement.

Business lesson - Surround yourself with people encourage you loudly. Where encouragement is loud and strong from peers, productivity is much greater. Your values will be cherished and loved to accelerate your success.

🐦 Geese get sick

When a goose falls out of formation from illness, two geese drop back to fly down and help and protect her. They stay with her until she is well enough to re-join the formation.

Business lesson - Have people in your life that stand by you through difficult times, get you strong again and bring you back up to speed.

I ask again what is it that you need to get you to the goals you set in January this year?

Do you need -
- support from someone who've paved the way already?
- accelerate your success with proven support?
- not be afraid to ask for help in areas you're not succeeding in?
- be in a group of encouraging woman who shout your successes?
- get a hand up out of a rut?

Be honest with yourself. You still have time to knock those goals out of the park!

Big love,

Panel Interview for SMM



Including my expert panel Anna Henke, Amber Toro and Karen Hobi.


What is the one thing that gets you fired up?

For Amber Toro it's digital marketing! With four years of experience in the industry Amber is a social media marketing and content creation pro! She has the experience, strategy, and know how to get your message heard.

When Amber isn't managing your social media accounts she's busy playing with her two kids, training for her next triathlon, or cooking up a storm!

If you are ready to make an impact with your social media accounts fund out more at http://saltpeach.com/services/


Anna Henke is the entrepreneur behind the blog and the business The Resident Writer.

With six years of experience in marketing and copywriting, she helps female entrepreneurs develop messaging that represents their brands online so that they can move forward in financial freedom and live out their dreams. Anna has a passion for books and reading.

In her free time, Anna has contributed to several devotional books and enjoys spending time with family and friends. She lives in Eden Prairie, Minnesota.

Learn more at www.theresidentwriter.com.


Karen loves getting you organised and specialises in VA and OBM services.

She specialises in being the person behind uploading content and making sure everything runs to the date and smoothly.

Hailing from the Philippines Karen has a wonderful family and loves all new tech things!


How to Grow Your Facebook Group - for FREE


Are you pursuing the Rich and Relaxed lifestyle? If you are, then you need to get your booty into our Facebook group. It’s the Sales Superhero Entrepreneurs, so you can go and find that. But first, I want to tell you about how to grow your Facebook group, because that's really important to me.


There are several ways that you can grow your Facebook group quite fast.


Number one is to invite people into it. Popping a name in and creating some content on the inside isn't gonna do diddly squat unless you invite people into it. So, make sure you invite them in and encourage them to invite their friends as well.


Number two is have a welcome gift. There's nothing worse than going to someone's house and arriving empty handed, right? So you want to invite people in and give them a gift when they come into your group. You can put it in the file section and direct them there every time you welcome them in.


That brings me to point number three. Create a welcome post for new members, and tell them to go and collect their free gift. You can also tell people on your list and on all your other social media platforms that you have a free gift in the Facebook group, so they can go and grab that right there.


You can also start your Facebook group off with a challenge. There's nothing better than inviting people in and creating that community right at the beginning by giving them something that is of high value. Create a challenge that takes them from point A to B, leads them through a transformation, and showcases your abilities as well.


So hopefully that helps, and remember you're only one sale away from the Rich and Relaxed lifestyle.

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