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It's time to drop the overwhelm and get back to the passion you felt when you first started this business. It's there, I promise. You spend so much time inspiring others, and now it's your turn.

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LaDawn Townsend has such an amazing voice and articulates beautifully how to remove overwhelm in your thriving business. This weeks episode of Money Penny TV is jam packed from Townsend, a business strategist for women owned business that are already making 6 and 7 figures.
Confidence and dream builder coach Anita Smith reveals all on the red couch in this weeks episode of Money Penny TV. Smith founded You Can Make You Happy by Anita and is super passionate giving away all sorts of free training and ways to move yourself forward in your life and business.
Yahoo - we LOVED having Leanne Lisbon - founder of Mind Over Muffin Top, on the red couch this week of Money Penny TV. Lisbon knows what it feels like to over eat and be down right hating yourself when you look at the mirror.
Welcome to the next episode of Money Penny TV with the sex kitten Samm Murphy; success strategist for women who want a life they LOVE. Who wouldn't want to watch this babe and new mumma?
Lulu Minns is a coach for women in the legal profession, with her business Advocate My Success, and on this week's Money Penny TV episode she shares how to create your own routine for your business hours. She also shares her best tip for new entrepreneurs so you can get through both the good and bad times that having your own business entails.
Meet Nicole Pitsinos - a success coach who help her clients find their happy - gaining clarity, regaining their confidence and finding the courage to go after their dreams. In this week's Money Penny TV episodes she talks with Penny about her story and her 'why' to go into the entrepreneurial world.
Interview with Tilean Clarke Dr Tilean Clarke is a psychologist and business coach who works to inspire and help other entrepreneurs with their businesses. In this week's Money Penny TV episodes she and Penny talks about how to use your gift as a career, and how to dare to invest in yourself and your business.
Welcome to the next episode of Money Penny TV with the Wellness Gypsy Gillian Kennedy. Now what is a Wellness Gypsy? Gillian Kennedy coaches woman to be fit, fabulous and fearless through lifestyle, nutrition and yoga - sounds awesome right? Passion drives Kennedy to spread the word on feeling happier and healthier due to her own experiences.
Rachel McMichael is an experienced online business entrepreneur who now focuses on being The TechSpert and helping other people excel their businesses by bringing in the technology expertise. In this weeks Money Penny TV episode she shares some valuable thoughts and lessons on how to conquer fear and the what-ifs that can pop up in your mind as an entrepreneur.
A lot of people lose faith and only see fears when they start a business, in today's Money Penny TV episode we cover the top tips to get ahead and move forward. Lorri Silvera shares what drives her in business and her 'why'.

Meet Amy Shefik who is a personal development coach who has a mission to help uncover what success means to her clients. Let go of the frustration and the feeling of unfulfillment and go put that dream into real work. Feel the fear but do it anyways.

Diana Minot is a writing coach for new writers that want to publish their first book. She helps her clients with her knowledge about the process it takes to publish a book. In this week's Money Penny TV episodes she talks with Penny about her story and how to stop comparing yourself to other entrepreneurs and what they do.
Penny and Khalood Sultana talks about how to build your business and at the same time have time for your kids and family. Khalood is a success coach for professional mothers who transition into being entrepreneurs. In this weeks Money Penny TV episode she shares her top tips on how to find your success, and also how to think when it comes to money.
Sara Anna Powers is a wellness coach for faith-centered women. In this week's Money Penny TV episodes she talks with Penny about her story and how to use faith to guide you. She also discusses the importance of accepting yourself and believing that you are enough.

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