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Hi there! I'm Penny Elliott.

If you're a motivated, dedicated female entrepreneur who wants to create a life and business that echoes your deepest desires, then I'm the coach for you!  

Do you want to make sales effortlessly, call in big bucks for your biz, and have an amazing time doing it?!  Excellent! I want that for you, too, and I'm here to help you get it! 

Try out your new mantra:
I’m in Momentum and crushing my goals.

How does THAT feel?  Super jazzed and pumped, yes?! 

A gorgeous balanced life where you bring in FAB money so you can have time to do the things that bring you joy? Yes, please! 

Oh and feeling puffed chest proud along the way.

I bet you’re skim-reading this, completely cramped on time, overwhelmed, and thinking you SHOULD be doing more. But then you're wondering WHAT more you could be doing?

I mean, you’d love to have more clients. But you're just not sure how to get them. 


What you DO know is that you're OVER the constant hustle.

You are sick of seeing everyone else get stellar results while you're stuck glaring at your laptop and muttering 'today is the day' without really BELIEVING it.  

Surely running your biz should be easier than this, right? 


I know EXACTLY how hard it is to expand your reach and influence in your business.

When I was building my own first four businesses, I often felt overwhelmed. 

I knew that there were a ton of things I "needed" to be doing to grow my business, but I had no clue as to which ones would get me the BEST results in the SHORTEST timeframe.  

Should I advertise?

What did I need to have on my website? 

What about social media?

Sheesh, where do I even start there?

And then, why isn’t anyone ‘Liking’ my posts?

What does a ‘Like’ really mean anyway?

And WHERE is the money coming from this month? Oh shit.....Arghh!

Before I knew it, my dream business (the one that was intended to give me freedom from a dreaded 9-5 job) became a nightmare that would wake me up in a cold sweat, leaving me feeling strung out during the day.

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Here's a true story on how I gave up on a dream too soon (and what I learned from it). 


When I began marketing Paleo Cereal, I was told it was just a fad and would never make money. So my best friend and I closed up the business, even though we sold out batch after batch.

Fast forward a few years, and Paleo is now STILL the most popular diet of 2019.

Google ‘Paleo Cereal’ and you'll find over 12,200,000 results!

My cereal idea was bloody brilliant - and it was actually AHEAD of its time! I thought I wasn't the type of person to let the naysayers get in my head, but there you have it - I gave away my Golden Ticket!

I now know NEVER to give my power away to the doubters I'm bound to encounter in life (which is almost a guarantee). When you KNOW you have a brilliant idea, it's your DUTY to shepherd it into the world!  


So I get where you're at. I spent way too much time in the "struggle zone".  

Running my biz felt like being on a rickety, run-down rollercoaster.  I had great ideas!  - exuberant energy!  Wheeee!  But no set plan, no strategies, no systems. . . CRASH!  BURN!  

Still, I knew where I wanted to be.

I KNEW I was destined to be the go-to person in my field. It was just that my own doubt and fear kept tripping me up and stopping me from achieving all that was possible.  

So how did I turn my dream around? 

I couldn't figure out where I had been going wrong in my business until I decided to approach it like it was a sport, and I was an athlete.  

All of a sudden it hit me square between the eyes:  I needed a coach!  

I never would have completed 18 Ironman’s, over 40 marathons, and 3 ultra-marathons without my coach’s guidance, support and plan. So how could I expect to do it in my business alone? 

The first step I took was to invest in myself by hiring a high-level business coach. It was a GIGANTIC step, and I've only looked forward since. Absolutely, parting with a five-figure investment was frightening, yet it is the AMAZING experience of working with my coach that has and still is shaping my future. I have been part of a many Masterminds with other 6 figure female entrepreneurs from around the world and I continue to up-level myself, my clients and my biz. 


Are YOU facing that fear and doubt, too?  

Do you KNOW there is GREATNESS inside of you, but haven't been able to unleash it?

Do you feel like your own brilliance is burning a hole through your heart? 

It's time to OWN your POWER and step into your role as the powerful CEO of your business! 

Dreams and desires exist for a reason - and that isn’t to haunt you!


They are titanic emotional triggers within you. When harnessed in the right way, those same dreams and desires that keep you awake at night can propel you full-force into the life and business that's ideal for you!  

To find the best success in your business, you absolutely need to figure out how to use these "triggers" properly - and by all means, don't give up on them just before you begin to flourish!  

The goal my clients all live for is to get momentum in their business through consistent money coming from awesome sales. They want to have everything they desire in life, on their own terms.

Making sales, bringing in new clients, getting your work out into the world, that's all key to being able to grow a thriving, profitable business - you know, the kind that lets you really enjoy your life while making a huge positive difference in the lives of your clients! 

Keeping healthy and fit is the key element to keeping you and your business in momentum. To be in a state of high performance flow.

So why sales? Why money? And what’s with the fitness?

Money has been on my mind since I was 5-years old. Most children don’t have to think about it, but I was forced to. I remember hiding in the bathroom as our house was repossessed. Imagine being a young child, tearful and fearful while a stranger banged down your door to take your house away.  It's safe to say that everything changed for me after that experience.  


From that moment, I knew I never wanted to be in a place of lack again.

I wanted to make my own money, so that my security was never again dependent on the decisions of others.  I wanted to be able to live the life that I desired, without fear or hesitation.  and I wasn’t going to repeat my family patterns. 

As I grew up, I continued to ride the money rollercoaster thanks to my father. I wanted to be able to depend on creating my own consistent income so that I could have stability and freedom in my life, but money seemed to be fleeting, and I never knew what was around the corner. But I was determined to build a more positive relationship with money. 

When I graduated from University, I decided that I was no longer available to have any negative thoughts about money.  Instead, I was going to embrace it, create it, and celebrate it! I took a sales role and committed to bringing more and more money into my life! 


I wanted to have a positive relationship with money and to break free of any feelings of fear associated with money. Sales put me in the driver's seat.

Sales woke up the side of me that is achievement-oriented, and gave me a way to help others improve their lives, too.

My new reality was meeting exciting people regularly and changing their lives dramatically - and I loved every second! As a bonus, I got to stay in 6-star resorts during work conferences. 

Worldwide travel became my norm. The drive and determination fuelled my fitness passion and gave me a mindset of steal.

What I’ve realized from 19 years and over $15 million in sales is that making money isn’t difficult! And there’s more than enough for everyone. Trust me, that’s not something I believed when my dad defaulted on my private school payments, but it’s true. 

Now my mission in life is to support women, just like you, in knowing that you can crush any goal you set your mind to!

You can run the business of your dreams, convert cold traffic into clients, and not feel nervous or sleazy when you get on a sales call. 

You can be completely comfortable talking about money! And you can do it without having to hustle (one of my least favorite words) or burn the midnight oil! 

The goal is not to get to the retirement home and be wishing you had done things differently. Wouldn't you rather be the woman racing Zimmer frames and coaching the activities coordinator on her business?!


Your dreams and desires can come to fruition each and every day.

You can look at your bank balance daily and feel proud and happy!

You can drop every fear of your card being declined for good. 

How do I know?  

Because I've seen this happen for the amazing women I work with, time after time again!  

My clients gain the confidence to live a life they love through high performance habits and enhanced sales in their biz.

They live a balanced life that is in momentum.

I want this for you too.

No more burnout, no more overwhelm, and no more hamster-wheel lifestyle. 

Own YOUR time. Have money for ALL your desires. Attract and work with amazing clients.

Grow your business. Release your talent. 

I can give you the precise steps to get there, so don't wait another second! 

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Penny began sales career while enrolled at The University of Canterbury, which she was accepted to at just 16 years old.

She worked part-time while studying for five years, later graduating with a Master of Science with Honours. Penny then set her eyes on a lucrative sales career to pay back her student loan (as one does). 

A natural-born salesperson, Penny excelled in her sales roles, from being the top salesperson at her university job whilst working part-time hours, to 35% year-on-year growth in £5 million accounts.

Coaching others has been a passion of Penny's, and she developed her coaching skills further throughout her nine years in London, where she managed a staff of 45 in National Sales teams, was team lead Senior National Account Manager, and handled a portfolio of athletes in the triathlon world.

Penny also garnered 11 years of experience as a journalist, including a three-year stint as Events Editor on the Cycling Titles of IPC Media publishing house. Penny continues to write freelance and is currently working on a book. Through her experience, Penny held Associate Membership from The Chartered Institute of Marketing. 

Penny's gift is motivating her clients to see that their possibilities are endless. 

Through her online business, Penny Elliott Coaching, she works with motivated female entrepreneurs to help them feel confident selling, making more money, and serving more people so they can build the business and life of their dreams.  

She is all about coaching her clients to make more money so they can have more impact, and she does this by coaching them through any mindset and sales blocks they are experiencing.

Penny creates a gorgeous balanced life for her clients where they bring in fabulous money so they can have time to do things that bring them joy.


I’m all about having a roadmap to success that is streamlined so you get speedy results. You can start living your dream life much sooner than you ever imagined. I can help get you there!  

Remember your new mantra:  I’m in Momentum and Crushing My Goals.

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